Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Some o' this and some o' that.

At least once a month, Shaffer goes through a week period where he has a hard time sleeping. Any time he gets sick or there is a slight change in something he seems to struggle. This month he was sick (chalk that up for the 36th time he's been sick this winter) and he ended up sleeping with us for 3 nights. Normally if I go in and hold him he will calm down and fall right back to sleep, but this time he was distraught. No matter how much I tried he would not calm down, so I caved and let him come into bed with us. And as rough as those 3 nights of sleep were, I just can't help but think he is so adorable. There's something about a sleeping child that melts my heart.
My cutie, Logan! He has been so cute and so fun lately. He is going through a phase where he LOVES pajamas. I'll ask what he wants to wear for the day and he'll run to his drawer and pick out draggy (dragon), tractor, truck, or monster jammies.
Also, every morning when I go in to get him and Shaffer the first thing that Logan does is to run with his blankets to "touch the hot" (the heating vents). If I ask him to sit down to eat his breakfast or ask him to let me change his diaper he tells me emphatically "I want to stay and touch the hot!". He gets quite giddy about it!
He also loves to tell me how everything he eats is "Mmmm...delicious!". It makes me smile every time he says it.
The other day he was getting on the table to grab Josh's itouch and I said, "Logan, don't..." and he piped in "Don't touch ANYTHING!". (Do I really say that enough that he would finish my sentence? Yikes, Jena!)
I love how much he is talking and how adorable he is. We are having some serious fun with this kiddo.
Shaffer scarfing an orange.
Shay & mommy.
My sweet Shaffer! I love his cheeser smiles. When I look at this picture I don't see Shaffer. This is a little boy...not a baby. I am having serious issues with my baby not being a baby anymore. Curse you, Time.
Logan is always trying to get Shaffer to laugh. They are going through a bit of a rough spell because Shaffer likes to pick on Logan (yup, I wrote that right...little bro. picking on big bro.) but as always they are best buds.

Josh and I had been playing with the boys in their bedroom, and then they both took off and all of a sudden got too quiet. Most of the time when it's quiet it means they are stirring up some trouble, but this time we came out to find this precious sight.
As much as I would love to have a little girl, I don't mind the idea of having all boys. As cute and as fun as these two are, I just can't help but imagine what a whole family of boys would be like. I heart being a mom!


The Bell Family said...

Sophie picks on Olivia ALL the time, and Olivia hates it! Isn't time horrible, don't you just wish they could stay babies longer. They are getting so big!

The Constantines said...

Love it... Melts my little heart completely! I've been telling Richard all of Logan's phrases, and so when you write about them I can just hear it in Logan's little voice, "Mmm... Delicious!" hehe, you're a great mommy.

Lora said...

Your boys ARE so very cute!

Molly M said...

Yeah, my little niece Summer who is 2 picks on Lovi who is 4...to the point of tears sometimes! Cute boys, as always.

mom/Anne said...

I love these pictures! They are so precious. Only a few more days! :)

dsadf said...

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