Friday, May 20, 2011

More updates...

Here's a quick run down of what we've been up to lately!

I bought the "INSANITY" work out. It tried a few days of it and quickly realized that it's such a hard work out that I would get burned out if I tried to do it every single day. So now I am happy and content doing a mix of Insanity, P90X, and running. I like it much better this way. I still get a really good work out but I don't have to do the same thing every day. Me likey.

My mom and sister came to Provo for Women's Conference at the end of April. Josh's mom kindly watched my boys while I went and was spiritually fed, and had some serious fun girl time!
We snuck up and got front row seats for one of the talks and afterwards got to meet Sister Barbara Thompson. She was very sweet and it was really fun listening to her speak.

We bought a dog. Ta da!! Josh and I aren't impulse buyers but this was a total impulse move. We thought about it one night, and bought her the next. She is an 18 month of Beagle, and is adorable. Unfortunately our apartment complex won't let us have her, so we put in our 30 day notice and have been looking for a new place to live.
The story doesn't end there....after a short while we quickly realized that finding apartments that allow animals in practically impossible (and I don't blame them), and I quickly realized that I can't handle 2 incredibly active boys and a story short, we no longer have our dog. It's a sad story really.
Moral of the more impulse buys...unless it's an Ipad 2 and your name is Josh and you really want to make your wife happy!
We always make time for cuddling!!!
My boys LOVE to be outside (like most kids). When Josh is done with school in a year I really want to move somewhere where the weather is nice, so that my kids can spend the majority of the months playing outside. We all notice a big difference when we can be outside in the fresh air.
Love this action shot of sums up everything you need to know about him...and Logan.
We celebrated my 26th birthday with Josh's family on the 4th. I will say that I still feel young but then again compared to the 22 year olds I feel like I am in a whole different stage of life...and that somehow makes me feel old(ish).
It was a great birthday and I may or may not have eaten the whole bowl of cakey deliciousness by myself. Omm nom nom.
I can't resist putting up pictures of my sleeping boys. They melt my heart.

As for other news- my sister, Jessi and brother-in-law, Rich found out they are having a BOY!! I am so excited for them. She is due October 21st. If I needed any more excuse to be baby hungry (like I almost always am) this is a big fat reason. (Don't get your hopes up for baby #3 from us, I just have to say how I feel because...I just do.)

Also, we are still moving even though we no longer have a dog. Someone came and chose our apt. so we have to move. Here's the "fun" part- we have to be out by the 28th of this month and we still have yet to find a place. I have stuff packed yet we don't know when or where we are moving to. Something will turn out though- I am sure!
We just like to keep things interesting around here, so we do things the hard way on purpose. =)


jamie t. said...

You guys sound like you are staying very busy and doing great. Sorry about your dog. That is such a bummer.

Melissa said...

I usually don't leave long comments, but here goes...
my friend Christa and you should be work-out buddies! She has been doing the same type of routine...too funny!
I know of a great place you could live and place outside year 'round (hint, hint). We'd love to be your neighbors again!
And lastly, you should check out apts just off the old state street on your way to Springville. That's where Andy and I lived for a couple of years...loved it! Good luck!

Tory said...

I love all your pictures. Plus, I TOTALLY keep dropping hints about an ipad also! I hardly ever want anything, but I want that so bad I can hardly handle it!

Jenna said...

wow. a lot of things going on! i can't believe how big your Shaffer is now! luck with the house hunt & change