Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Trip to Logan

Nearly a month ago we went to Logan, UT with my parents for my cousin's wedding. As always we had a blast soaking up as much time with my parents as possible. Jessi and Rich came down from Rexburg and joined us too.

If there is a puddle, mud, rocks, water, dirt (etc...) my boys will find it and dive right in.

Shay and daddy! So sweet.

Logan LOVES his Papa. Ever since leaving them he has been begging to see "Papa 'n' Mumsie". Not to mention they have a cool ipad that L was pretty happy about. He loves my itouch (calls it "my touch"), so having an ipad was a fun treat.

We went on a really great hike up Logan Canyon. It was just shy of 4 miles round trip. We decided to take the kids with us and see how far we could get before they broke down and we had to turn around, but to our surprise they did great. Shaffer rode on my shoulders nearly the entire way, and Logan was passed back and forth between people and they did great. Shaffer would randomly start laughing hysterically because he was having so much fun. I LOVE hiking, so to have them do so well was a big treat. We are going to St. George next week and are planning on doing some big/fun/intense hikes that I can't wait for.

The group!
My cute hubby!

My little stud brother, Travis.
Auntie Jessi (who is 20 weeks preggo here) holding both my boys, and then me and mom (Mumsie).

Shaffer bailing off dad's shoulders (he is in a big "Mama Only" phase right now).
Jessi & Rich!
My beautiful mother.

My cousin's Siera & Lauren - at Trevor and Lindsay's wedding reception. Aren't they gorgeous? Isn't this camera amazing?
Logan playing in the ONLY puddle in the whole parking lot right before the wedding reception. =)
My poor kids were wiped out at the end of the day. They didn't have a place to nap, so they we pushed and pushed all day long and by the end they were completely shot. This was also right in the middle of our move, so they had been ignored while I was trying to hurry and pack and clean everything.


Rachel said...

You look great! I am glad the boys liked hiking and that you got to spend time with your family!

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