Monday, June 13, 2011

We finally have the internet again! Hallelujah! We were without for a few weeks while we moved and looked for a new internet provider.
To make a long story short: we found a new place (to rent)! It's a cute little house just south of BYU, and it has a nice big backyard for the boys to play in. We all love it here and can feel a big difference. There are lots of windows, which = more sunlight, which = happy mommy, which = happy children and husband! It's great.
Josh's mom and I took the boys to the zoo this past week and they loved it. Logan LOVED the dinosaurs that they have all around the zoo, and Shay LOVED the animals. It was a perfect fit.
Josh's mom with my kids. Zoom in on that'll see how happy they were about getting their picture taken! Shay had pretty much lost it by this was naptime.
Us at the bird show....keeping L entertained with the itouch (thank you, Nana) and here you see Shay losing it...again! When the show started they were both happy as could be- they LOVED seeing the birds and having them swoop down over our heads.
I love these faces.
This picture is mainly to show how stinkin' big my BABY is getting. He will be 20 months on the 18th, and I am NOT okay with this. Shaffer is really growing up. He is starting to talk a fair amount now and is always on the move. He is a big mama's boy, and is very generous with hugs and kisses. He isn't as content as I wish he could be, but looking back on his life that's how he has always been. That's something that I want to work on and figure out what I can do to help him be happier more of the day. Don't get me wrong, he is a happy little boy, but the smallest thing upsets him and sends him for a melt down. It's something I want to look in to more.

Logan is so much fun. He is talking a million miles an hour now, and continues to crack me up. He is in the "Mommy? Mama! Mom? Mommy! Mom! Mom! Mom!" matter how I respond to his request he still calls my name non-stop. There are times where it is frustrating, but overall I am actually enjoying it. I think it is really sweet!
Shaffer on the fly! He and Logan love to be outside. They are such boys- give them sticks, dirt, balls, cars or a field to run in and they are happy little clams.
Look at how he is holding his hands--it melts my heart. Perhaps I shouldn't get so lovey about something like that but it just about knocks me over I think it's so cute.
This stretch of pictures is during our move! The boys were really good troopers, but it still took a toll on them. I had to post these pictures to show you how big these boys are getting. As always, they are BFF's, and do everything together. They share all the same clothes now (anywhere between 2T-4T...although they do fit Shay just a little bit bigger than L).

This picture was taken first thing in the morning when they used to run out and "touch the hot" (which means sitting on the heating vent).

We are very excited for summer time! We got passes to Seven Peaks water park and have already gone a few times. The boys love the water, and especially the water slides. Bring on the sunshine!


mamasylvia said...

I know that I'm super lucky to get to see you all as much as I do (although I didn't see any of you at all today:(!!!) but these pictures melt my heart too:) Wish we could do a zoo day EVERY week!! P.S. Glad you can post again:D

The Constantines said...

I've been needing a nephew fix- so dang precious!

Jenna said...

I can't believe how big your boys are! And I can't imagine how busy you must be trying to keep up with them! Nice post!