Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Long overdue summer pics

We went to St. George (back in June/July) with my family and had a B-last! We swam several times every day, ate WAY too much good food, talked, played games, hiked Angels Landing and The Narrows, watched movies, went to plays, visited with extended family, ate and swam some more. It was pure bliss.

(What you don't see in this picture of Jessi with Shaffer was that his weight entirely sunk the both of them. We dropped the camera and all came running to rescue Jessi from drowning with Shaffer. Haha... It's only funny because everyone lived...)
Shaffer is my dare devil. In fact, it's scary how little things scare him. Heights, busy roads, water (etc...) don't scare him in the least. We all got a work out from throwing this kid up in the air (and from chasing him around making sure he wasn't jumping in the deep end...)
Logan, on the other hand, is my mild child. He is scared of anything and everything. He ONLY sat in the hot tub (which was pool temperature). He was scared of the "big pool". His favorite phrase on that trip was "Scary ladybug". He once saw a dragon fly that came too close to his face and ever since then he has an EXTREME phobia of any and all things (regardless of size) that even resemble a bug.
He is scared of all heights, roads (ehhh...sorta), water, etc....He is polar opposite from Shaffer in this regard.
Josh and Travis had endless fun diving together and seeing what types of tricks they could do. Such as....this picture below. Why not take the picnic table and prop it right in front of the pool and see if you can jump over it? And of course if you make it, then why not add a person on top of it? If you make that, then why not add a ball in there because we all know that footballs make everything cooler. They spent hours at this. HOURS! =)
We have MANY more pictures of our St. George trip but they all were on my parents camera and so therefore I personally don't have them. One day I will get them and put the other pics up of our family members and our AMAZING hiking experiences.
Logan found my sticker collection (that I keep to use in their journals) and had a blast decorating his arm full of them. Most of the time in church we keep him occupied by putting Cars stickers all over his face, hands, arms, legs....He will take them off and do it all over again. It's a great little game.
Most of the time my boys can't even wait for me to put on their swim clothes before they jump in the little that was after Shaffer's diaper had fallen off because it was so heavy with water. And...yes...that is what you think it is!

We got a small pool for the boys (that we've used five times because it gets so dirty so fast and it's hard to clean that it is not tucked away it the garage...bad mom...I know).
We have had construction going on across the street all summer long, and this was Shaffer getting cozy watching the big trucks.
We have had a lot of rain this summer (at least it feels like it). I have LOVED having sunny days and then some stormy evenings to watch the rain and the thunderstorms. The boys have had a blast splashing in puddles. What you don't see in this picture is that by the time they were done they were soaked from head to toe.
We finally cut Shaffer's hair (this was after St. George and the 4th of July pics) and I have to say it looks MUCH better. I thought I loved his long blonde hair, but as it turns out it looks better shorter. This was my attempt at catching a picture of him lookin' all nice with his new hair cut....
Logan asks me for a donut thirteen times a day. We were looking at a friends blog a few weeks back and they were eating donuts, and ever since then he begs every day for a donut. His eyes get all big and he says, "Go to daddy's work...and then GET A DONUT?". Some times we do and some times we don't.
My mom was able to join us for the 4th, while we went to Josh's parents house for a BBQ, games and fireworks.
Logan was scared at first but ended up having a blast. He STILL talks about fireworks and going to Nana's house to watch them.
Josh's parents did a bunch of games for the 4th of July. All the kids (and even the adults) had a blast doing these games. All of the kids were able to pick a toy after each game (SPOILED!).

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