Tuesday, September 20, 2011

"Enrichment" ideas

Does anyone have any really good Relief Society (used to be called "Enrichment") activity ideas? I am in need of some really good (yet simple, if possible) activities.

Are there any that you went to that you loved and would want to see done again?

Are there any that you have in that amazing brain of yours that are just waiting to be told?

I am one of the least creative people on earth. I can copy really well, but can't come up with a clever idea to save my life.

Please bestow your wisdom and creativity upon me! =)


Melissa said...

We just had a pretty successful RS activity. They had a theme of "a night among the stars" and had the sisters sign up and share their interests/talents. It was so great to get to know a lot of the sisters and their hidden talents. And they also had them bring things to showcase their talents. It was almost like a show and tell. Good luck!

EmmaJ said...

We had a really good one about nutrition. The first half we learned about vitamins and minerals and eating a balanced diet. And the second half was about brainstorming ideas for picky eaters/children.

The Bell Family said...

We had a really good recently on orginization for the home. They talked about how The Fly Lady teaches in her book and website.

Rohatinsky Family said...

Thank you all so much. I really appreciate it! I need to get crackin' and put these ideas into action. =)

Doug & Stef said...

That is my new calling!! Email me and I can send you what we have been doing lately...sbmausser@hotmail.com. We just did a M&M social getting to know you "the more the merrier." Then craft/super saturday for october. Tying and donating fleece blankets to the children's hospital and collecting poptabs for ronald mcdonald house for Nov and an awesome women in Christ's life for December. Fortunately, now I only have to be in charge of the quarterly activities for next year woo-woo! Good luck!