Friday, September 23, 2011


Here's a quick update on Logan. He is almost 3 and a handful of fun.

-He has a lot of energy (we frequently get told that our kids are very active). From sun up to sun down this kid is on the move.
-He is OBSESSED with Kangaroo Zoo and "Crashing balls" (black light mini golf at Trafalga). He asks Josh and I several times a day if we can go to either of those places and he does it with the most enthusiasm he could possibly muster. He will jump up and fall down and run from one couch to the other doing tricks like he would if he were at Kangaroo Zoo. =) It's actually really funny and really cute.
-He no longer takes naps and isn't happy in his room for more than an hour. I'm still working on a solution for this one (bc I really want my time).
-He is the most thoughtful kid I know. He is constantly looking out for Shaffer- making sure that Shay also has a toy or that he has a snack and that he's happy.
-He loves to throw anything, ie: rocks and dirt
-He is going through a hitting phase and throws HUGE fits
-He asks me fifty times (I mean LITERALLY) a day, "Mommy, I go with you?". He is very concerned that he goes wherever I go...even though when I do leave he has zero problem with it.
-He loves to read
-He loves monsters and dinosaurs. Everything is about dinosaurs and monsters right now!!
-He isn't even close to being potty trained. Every time I change his diaper he says, "I don't go sit on the potty, mommy. I don't want to. I don't have to. NO... SILLY!" (something like that). He doesn't care if he's wet or dry and doesn't hold it at night...therefore, I am leaving it and praying he will be ready by the time baby girl comes.
-He is developing an attitude and if he doesn't want to do something he really fights for it. (Another learning process for me. New phase. Tested patience. LOTS of prayers. Lots of books on the shelf to be read.)
-(Despite what I just said...) He is a really sweet little boy. He gives lots of hugs and kisses and says "I love you" a lot now.

We are grateful for little Logan who lights up our lives. I am grateful for the lessons that he teaches me on joy, love, and patience; and how he reminds me of my dependency upon the Lord. I couldn't do this without the Ultimate Parent (God), and Josh (who I am equally as dependent upon).

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mom/Anne said...

One of the things I love most about Logan is how incredibly enthusiastic he is! He just has so much joy in life! Everything is an amazing adventure to him. He makes me smile and laugh and feel alive and feel excited about the smallest things. Wow I miss him!!! :( He makes me feel special, important, and loved.