Friday, September 23, 2011


Here's a quick update on my nearly 2 year old, Shaffer!

-He (like his brother) has mucho energy. He still naps, but other than that he is on the go from the time he wakes up until the time he goes to bed.
-He loves to be outside. If we could play outside most of the day he would be happy as a clam. His favorite thing right now is to "shoo" the basketball.
-This boy LOVES books. I could sit and read to him book after book, hour after hour and he would be happy as could be. When I start to finish a book he will start to fidget to make sure that I have another one ready, and if I don't have one he is off and running to get one.
-He loves naptime and is a really good napper. He will sleep for 2-3 hours. And I'm not sure how much of that he's sleeping and how much of that he is awake playing quietly and happily by himself.
-He is a pretty emotional little boy. While he can be tough as nails when it comes to falling down or things like that, he is very emotional. We have several melt downs each day.
-He LOVES to be held. If I could hold him 60% of the day he would be happy. If I could hold him 100% of the day WHILE letting him play with his toys he would be REALLY, REALLY happy.
-He and Logan are best buds. They are always coming after each other to get the other one to come along and play.
-He recently stopped using a pacifier (and the fact that the earth didn't crumble in a million pieces a miracle).
-He is OBSESSED with his brown blanket. He carries it around nearly all day. It brings him more comfort than I can. He would take it everywhere if we let him...and which is often the source of many tears.
-He loves Backyardigans and asks for shows several times throughout the day (just like Logan did/does).
-He is starting to talk more...although still not tons. He says: Up high!, mama, daddy, a-goo (=drink. Not sure why!?), more, all done, show, book, shoot, juice, blanket=bankie, pacifier= bink, etc.....He says a lot of one word things, but not any sentences and hardly even two words put together.
-He LOVES animals. Pretty much any animal that is somewhat calm he oogles over.
-*He is super cuddly lately. He will wrap his arms around my neck and rest his head on my shoulder and lay there for quite some time...and not just at nap or bed time. He will randomly do it and stay there for several minutes! It is pure bliss!

Shaffer is one adorable little boy. He absolutely melts my heart and brings us so much joy and happiness. He is a very good teacher and is showing me how to be more patient and put down whatever I am doing in order to meet his needs and give him the attention he needs. He reminds me how selfish and wrapped up in my own world I can be. Thankfully he is kind and patient and loves me despite my faults.
He is a good little brother to Logan (who lights up every time Shay walks in the room), and I am absolutely convinced that they had things planned out perfectly in heaven because they did NOT want to be apart any longer than humanly possible. We love our little man.


mom/Anne said...

This is SO fun! I love reading about the boys. You have done a beautiful and honest job describing both of them. There is so much good in them, and they have a pulse, so there are things about them that are very trying to you guys. That's the awesome thing about parenting - it forces you to live for someone besides yourself, and it helps you develop character you wouldn't otherwise have. Shaffer is such a cute boy, and is so delightful. I love reading him stories! I love his beautiful smile! I need hugs!

The Constantines said...

Maybe it's the hormones, but this totally makes me want to cry! (The good, proud-aunty tears) He is such an incredible little boy!