Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Shaffer's 2nd birthday

Shaffer just had his 2nd birthday! We went to Kangaroo Zoo (a warehouse of bounce houses and blow up slides)- which my kids LOVE LOVE LOVE. They especially loved it this time because Josh was there to rough house, chase, and help them (I am getting increasingly slower, bigger and less fun as each day of pregnancy goes on).
This smile lasted the whole 2 hours we were there.

Most of the time when we pull out the camera now Shaffer will say "Cheeeeeese!" and smile (but not look at the camera).

We opened presents and had cake and ice cream with Nana, grandpa, aunts, uncles and cousins from the Rohat side, and Uncle Travy from my side. We had a really fun time and Shaffer loved his M&M cake. He did a good job blowing out the candles too.
This wasn't from his birthday but I had to include it here because I think it depicts Shaffer's personality. When he isn't running a million miles an hour he is actually quite the love/cuddle bug. He had a particularly rough night a few weeks ago and ended up sleeping with us. He cuddled like this with me while I read for about a good hour or so. It was so fun having him snuggle with me that I didn't even care that he was awake or not in his own bed (which I'm normally somewhat of a stickler about).

Some things about Shaffer at 2 years:

-He is starting to talk a lot more lately. He knows a lot of words and is starting to put them all together to make sentences.
-He LOVES books! We could read for hours a day....and often do.
-He LOVES anything with a ball. Basketball is his favorite sport/activity lately. He does this for hours a day.
-He loves to be outside. We can't stay in the house too long or else he gets cranky.
-He loves to be held. He is somewhat of an emotional little boy and it's often the extremes- running around crazy or wanting to be held 24/7.
-He loves animals and loves making animal sounds. Cows are his favorite to imitate.
-He is very stubborn and strong-willed. When he gets something in his mind he has a REALLY hard time letting it go until it is done.

He is a really good little boy! We love Shaffer and can't imagine our family without him. Logan would go crazy without his brother around.

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mom/Anne said...

These pictures are sooooo great! Both of the boys are really looking more grown up. Look at all those teeth now that Shaffer has! Just love this blog.