Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Happy Fall & Halloween

Last night was our first Trick or Treating experience with kids and although costumes were not at all successful we did end up having a great time.
You see, my kids are DEATHLY afraid of costumes. Even if it's something that they like (such as Cars or dinosaurs or monsters) they are terrified of putting anything on. We tried to come up with other clever ideas but face paint is also terrifying, glasses are a no, masks are a DEFINITE no, wigs and hats are impossible. Therefore we went costume-less this year. Logan did end up sporting a really cute tiger hat, but other than that we were without costumes. Maybe next year we will have overcome our fear of....anything and everything having to do with Halloween. =)
Logan LOVED going to the houses to get candy. I could see his mind working thinking what a sweet deal this really was to go knock on strangers houses and have them give him candy. Once we got back to Nana and grandpa's house he dumped out his loot and was looking over it and wanting to try each thing. He kept saying "Trick or Treat....then we get candy!" He was pretty pumped about the whole thing.
Shaffer also liked the Trick or Treating part of Halloween. He didn't quite get it like Logan did but he had fun. He had to have at least one piece of candy in his hand AT ALL TIMES. He didn't want the candy to be put in his bucket either...he wanted it in his hand. As soon as he would get a new piece he would hand me the old one and say "Out! Out!" (to have me open it). He would take a few bites or licks and then be on to the next piece.
I did my kids no favors and unfortunately passed the sweet tooth gene on to them. They don't have that much junk food (really truly) but they ask for it at every meal. That's how my mind works too so I can't blame them.

Once Josh got home from work we carved a pumpkin. We tried to make that as fun and exciting as possible because that is yet another thing my kids happen to be afraid of...they get this scared-of-everything gene from me as well (my poor poor children). Logan was pretty excited about it. Shaffer on the other hand was having a serious meltdown right next to me- it wasn't bc of the pumpkin....
We then ate pizza, went Trick or Treating, and went home and ate too much junk (and donuts). Josh and I watched "Red Riding Hood" after the boys went to bed and thought it would be scary but it wasn't in the least (that comes from me who gets scared of everything).
I'd say all-in-all it was a very successful Halloween.
We took the boys for a run/walk the other day and then came home to jump in the leaves. The boys had a blast (ie: Logan). I LOVE the fall. We need to live somewhere where the weather is like fall all year long...or at least most of the year. Fall and I get along great.
Am I the only one who notices how big they are getting? What happened to my babies?

Shaffer's adorable cheeser grin.

Now we are getting geared up for Thanksgiving and Christmas...and then baby! We have 3 1/2 months left until she comes and we can't wait. My little sister & brother-in-law just had their 1st baby and it makes me all sorts of baby hungry.
I am definitely showing at this point. Baby girls kicks and squirms and moves a lot these days and that tickles me pink. It truly is one of theee best things about being pregnant.
Some of the same discomforts (like I had in my past pregnancies) are here now but bearable. I have prayed a lot about one in particular and the pain has managed to stay bearable since- which I consider an absolute miracle (nothing short whatsoever)!
We are excited for the holidays and are grateful to have so many fun things to look forward to- and to help pass the time until baby girl comes (ANY NAME SUGGESTIONS?). Happy holidays!


mom/Anne said...

GREAT POST!!! Thanks for letting us see those cute boys! Hugs!

Jenna said...

how fun! So crazy they are both scared of halloween things. I was definitely noticing how big they are getting!

Rachel said...

Cute, cute kids! I can't wait to see baby girl! i saw one of your pins for something girl and it was titled, for Oakley. So, all this time I've been thiking that was her name. And, I added it to my "ey" list, since I like names that end in "e" sounds! Sorry to hear pregancy is such a painful event for you. Prayers!

Anita said...

Your boys are getting big! I can't believe Shaffer is 2! Pax didn't want to wear his costume either, but I told him he couldn't go trick or treating without it on and that seemed to work. Poor little Aila was too tired and fell asleep before trick or treating:) I love your bangs! Your looking like a foxy mama:)

dax.jennifer said...

Oh Jena, it's been too long!!! Your boys are so big! If it makes you feel better, I still put Hayden in a diaper at night and he's been potty trained for about a year. It is just easier for the one day a week that he has an accident. He's a heavy sleeper so he won't wake up to go to the bathroom :)