Friday, November 11, 2011

Shaffer's new bed & Logan's 3rd birthday

Shaffer officially learned how to climb out of his crib without crashing to the floor. He's been practicing for weeks but it always ended up with a big thud and then all of a sudden he got the hang of it and decided he was never going back in his crib again.
We had been thinking about getting him a bed for a while anyways but this turn of events pushed us into it. When we bought Logan's bed last year we bought a matching one for Shaffer because we knew they'd be in the same room for...forever....and we wanted to have the same ones.
Anyways, it's been a good/rough it always is. He is such a happy boy and giggles with excitement when we go to put him in bed. However, it takes roughly 2 1/2 hours to actually get him to fall asleep every night. He loves to jump on the beds (they are side by side, so it's like one huge bed), pull all the clothes out of the dresser, take all the toys out of the closet, pull all the books off the shelves, play with the toys, mess with the sound machine, etc....I'm not sure what to do about this. Logan didn't do that when he got his bed, so it's a bit of a new stage for me.
Despite the mess that is made each and every night I am tickled pink by his reaction every time we tuck him in. Like I said earlier, he gets giddy and giggles and says, "Oooo nice!" as he jumps under the covers. How can you not love that reaction?
These pictures are in the wrong order- but here you see what they looked like after FINALLY falling asleep, and also what they looked like as we tucked them into bed. You'd think that with all the space they wouldn't end up on top of each other, but sure enough that's what they have looked like every night. (Which actually isn't horribly shocking because Shaffer is a cuddle bug.)


Logan turned 3 this past Sunday (the 6th), and boy was he excited. He had been saying for weeks, "Mom, it's my birfday!" He knows he is 3 years old (although he had a serious problem with it because he wanted to be 1 for a few days), and he was ooober excited for his Cookie Monster cake, the presents, and balloons.

It was fun this year because Logan really understood what his birthday was about and was excited for each new thing- breakfast, playing with his toys, opening more presents (from cousins and grandparents), birthday cake and ice cream, etc...He kept going up to everyone and letting them know that it was his birthday and that he had a Cookie Monster cake! cute is this? Are these not the 3 most handsome boys on earth?
Mumsie & Papa (my parents) got him a trampoline and he and Shaffer have spent LOTS of time on that thing. Logan is getting creative with ways to jump on and off and is really into seeing how high he can go.

We sure love Logan. He is such a good boy and is an especially good big brother. He is so thoughtful and kind with Shaffer. When Josh blessed him when he was a baby there was a lot about how Logan would be full of charity and love towards others and it's amazing to see how that is a perfect description of him now. He is very active and happy, and is also discovering his own opinions on things and likes to put up a fight. He still sucks his thumb and loves his blue blanket more than life itself. He is talking like crazy and has some of theee funniest things to say. He is animated with everything and talks with so much enthusiasm. We sure do love this little boy!


jamie t. said...

Happy Birthday Logan!!! What exciting changes happening for your family. I love the updates and the pictures

Whitney said...

man, that is soo funny! how can they sleep like that?

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