Wednesday, May 09, 2012

What we've been up to...

Get ready for a picture overload because here it comes....

We have a busy bunch lately. It's not even that we have had a lot to do per say, it's just that having 3 kids ages 3 and under is busy in and of itself. 
Oaklie (or Leelou as I am affectionally calling her- it's a nickname stolen from my fav. cousin) is now 3 months old and is rapidly changing. I catch myself with tears in my eyes at least once a day because of how adorable she is and because of how quickly the time is flying by with her & the boys!

I had a relatively non-serious surgery on my back just over a week ago. It's embarrassing/nasty, but true that I had a pretty good sized lipoma on my upper back and it was finally time to have it removed. My sister came out to help with the kids while I was recovering from it...and it's a dang good thing she did too because I was flat out of it for 2 solid days. They gave me anesthesia and I swear that stuff works so easily on me and knocks me out for days. 
As always, it's a blast having Jessi and her adorable little boy William around (too bad Rich couldn't make it too). I am determined to have at least 1 or 2 more kids (in a few years) because I insist that Oaklie has to have a sister and that they will be BFF's like me and Jess. It's a must. The End. Period. 

I love this picture because it completely sums up Josh- sarcastic! 

Does your heart do the same thing mine does here? Melt like a puddle! Here comes that tear that I told you comes at least once a day. 

Sweet little Logan wouldn't stay in his room for the life of him so he finally fell asleep in the hallway. 

This is the boys playing with these (awfully messy but totally fun) balls in the back of our van. They think it's a blast and ask for me to put them in the back and let them play. This was my attempt to keep them content while I ran on the treadmill one night. 

I love this picture because if you look close enough you can see that Logan is trying to help Oaklie press the button the toy to make music. That is so typical of Logan- always looking for things to give her to make her happy and to include her in the fun. 

The boys are OBSESSED with 'Mickey Mouse Clubhouse' right now. They beg to watch it all day one of their favorite things to do is to have a picnic lunch on the living room floor while watching an episode. 

We have some amazing parks really close to our house. This park happens to have a little creek that runs across the cement path that the boys LOVE to run through. Shaffer and I hold hands and walk back and forth across the water (to make sure he won't fall). I love the chance I get to hold his little hand and to adore the fact that I'm important to him still (he tends to not be super lovey so I take advantage of the moments that do come where I can sneak it in)! 

Almost every night after dinner we walk down to the park right below our house and the boys run up and down this hill while Josh throws to the ball at (not them. They think it's the funnest game in the world. 'They' meaning all 3 of the boys! =) 

I heart my life! 

Leelou & Mr. William! 

Who can resist a chubby baby in the bath? If this isn't one of the cutest sights in the entire world then I don't know what is. Do you not just want to kiss her cheeks off?

Mr. Logan is 3 1/2 years old and I swear he has been looking more and more grown up lately. When I pictured my life as a mother I imagined myself always having toddlers. They can't really grow up. It was just a fact- they will always stay little- forever! And now here I am watching him shoot up and change so fast and we are leaving the toddler stage and he is turning into a big boy. It's sad on one hand but on the other it's amazing to watch him and Shaffer grow up. I love all the things they can do and they crack me up constantly. 
Sometimes I remember that this is the only chance (EVER) that I will have them little. When I think about it like that part of me is filled with a great sadness and then another part is filled with a sheer determination to be valiant in my efforts as a mom- to raise them right and to soak up every second I have with them right now (hence getting rid of's just enough of a time waster that it had to be done).

Auntie Jessi with Oaklie! She is the best aunt and sister...ever! (Check out her ripped arms here. She is such a babe!)

Cute little Leelou smiling. 

Shaffer! Shaffer! This kid is down-right hilarious. He has the most contagious laugh and says some stinkin' funny things. He has been such a good brother too. I can't imagine life without him. Logan would be so bored without would we. 

I know that I am a bit biased but aren't these boys handsome...and HUGE!?! 

Oaklie is a huge mama's girl. She screams whenever Josh (or anyone else) holds her. I love holding her but there are times where it becomes exhausting and I desperately wish she would be more content with someone else. Thankfully she was happy when we took the picture! 

One of Josh's old track buddies invited us this past weekend to go to the lake with him and his family. We had a blast being outside all day. The boys were in heaven throwing rocks, playing in the water, meeting new friends, going on the boat, and eating good food. We stayed all afternoon and into the evening and the boys were so bummed when we had to go. 

I don't say enough good things about Josh. We have been so busy since moving here and since having had Oaklie that we, unfortunately, haven't had near enough time together but I am always amazed at how incredible he is. He works so hard for us and does so much for our family. He is the best dad and I'm so grateful that our boys (and Oaklie) have him to look up to! It's such a blessing to have such a kind & faithful dad & hubby. 

Here are some more pics of little Will and Oaklie. Jessi did a mini-photo shoot while she was here (because she has the talent and the sweet camera). So here are a few of our favorites! 
I won't comment on them because each picture would be the same- ooh's and ahh's, lots of drooling, oogling, and adoring! You get the picture...I am totally and completely obsessed with her. 

(I can't resist...don't they look like a cranky old couple? Ha! Not that I'm encouraging incest here because I'm definitely not...)



mamasylvia said...

Oh,Jena...there is no way that you could ever manage a "picture overload". (At least for me!!) LOVE all these pictures:P

Jenna said...

wow! great update. can't believe how grown up all your kids are looking!
mickey mouse clubhouse is the ultimate favorite in our house too

mom/Anne said...

That picture of Will licking Oaklie's head totally cracks me up!!! I LOVE all these pictures. I especially love the one with the kids laying together and smiling soooo broadly! Too precious for words!