Thursday, July 12, 2012


A quick update:

-We are in Utah & are living with Josh's parents while we look for a place
-Josh LOVES his job (race director for marathons and half marathons- Brooksee)
-We LOVE being here
-Kids love being around cousins
-Kids changing and growing up so fast
-Oaklie is 5 months & 2 days and is on the verge of crawling (scary and fun)
-My little brother just went into the MTC yesterday (July 11).

Pictures for fun:


Kristy E.B. said...

My little brother just went to the MTC yesterday too! He's going to St. George. Glad you're loving being back in Utah and hope you find a great place to live soon!

Dani said...

I am glad things are going so well!! More affirmation that it was the correct move. It was so fun to see you too!! Hopefully it's not so long between visits next time. :)

Molly M said...

Love the pictures and updates! I really see Logan in Oaklie! She's so cute and so BIG! Tell her to stop growing, would you?!