Monday, June 18, 2012

New job. Moving. Health. Speaking. Insanity!

No pictures.
No time.
So much to say.

This last week was insane.

Mon- Josh got a new job offer for a new race company in Utah.

Tues- Oaklie had her 4 month check up. 11 lbs, 12 oz (12%), 2' (39%), head- 15 1/4 (3%).
Spent 3 hours at the doctor for her- boys went NUTS, I went nuts. Possible urinary tract infection for O. Worst. Day.
Josh does Skype interview with said racing company. Ended day on happy note.

Wed- Another 3 hours at the doctors office for Oaklie. Definite urinary tract infection. Ultrasound had to be done to check kidney function and health.
Got a call from the doctor- scary possible news for O's ovaries...needs another ultrasound tomorrow.
Trying to prepare for Youth Conference talks in Klamath (Friday and Saturday).
Trying to plan the legistics of moving in 2 weeks!

Thurs- Packing for trip to Oregon. O's ovarie ultrasound. Good news- no tumor. Bad news- lots of little cysts. Good news- Kidneys function really well but needs follow up ultrasounds and other testing.
Back home to finish packing. Take O back in for blood work. Head to the airport. Wait 3 hours at the aiport bc flight is delayed. Arrive late in Portland. Miss connecting flight to KF. Have to drive 6 hours through the night...with all the tired, cranky parents and kids.

Fri- Arrive to KF at 6 am. Sleep 2 hours. Wake with kiddos- breakfast, baths, entertain. Put on movie for boys. Nap for 1 1/2 hours with Oaklie. Put finishing touches on powerpoint and speech. Speak at Y.C.- which was a blast! Go home, put finishing touches on Sat's Y.C. powerpoint and speech. Go to sleep around midnight.

Sat- 2nd Y.C. speech! Lots of fun and hopefully inspirational. Go home. Nap! Play with kiddos. Stay up way too late talking. Don't get any sleep because kids won't sleep at night.

Sun- Josh leaves back to CO at 4:45 am (on half an hour of sleep). Church. Happiness. Family. Father's Day. Steak. Cake!

Now....the kids and I stay in KF for 2 weeks. Fly to SLC on the 30th while Josh does every ounce of the moving on his own. His dad is flying out to help drive one of the cars out.

We are way excited about Josh's new job and about being close to family again. We are ready to never move again (7 times in 2 years by the time we find a place in UT and move there).

Time to sleep!


jamie t. said...

Busy Busy Busy and I can't believe you guys are moving again! Good luck

The Bell Family said...

Ahh you guys have been so busy. Wish I would have known you were in KF on Friday, I was driving through from Medford back to Lakeview. So excited you are moving back to Utah!!!

Tawnya said...

Hello! It was so good to see you at youth conference. You did a wonderful job by the way :) I am glad to be able to keep in touch with you via blog. email me and I'll send you an invite to my blog! tonkatawnya@gmail

Rachel said...

Oh my Jenna. My prayers are with you. That is a lot of moves!!! I am sad to hear about Oaklie's ovaries and now I will probably pray for her forever! I won't say too much and worry you more, but I hope things aren't too difficult for her.

Jena said...

Wow! I can't believe you are in UT. That is so wonderful! Lucky Lucky. Brian is going to be bummed he didn't see Josh when he was here! I hope everything goes smoothly for you. Good luck!