Thursday, August 30, 2012

Grand Teton Relay

Aside from Shaffer's accident (see the last post) this was the 2nd biggest thing for me this month. 
Josh and I ran in the Grand Teton Relay, along with his two bosses and their wives.  It's like a Ragnar relay...12 people, 24 hours, 180 miles...that type of thing.
Normally you have 12 people per team but we decided to go Ultra style and just have 6 people. Five of the six people are incredibly talented, amazing, experienced runners...and then there was me. The farthest I've ever gone at one time is 10 miles (and that was twice in my life). I'm a 4-6 mile type of girl. 
Anyways, I got somewhat roped into doing it and I am INCREDIBLY glad that I did. It was amazingly difficult but incredibly fun!!!! 
My studly husband ended up running nearly 40 miles and climbing 3000 feet! He did 8 legs (normally you do 3). This may be unimportant to document here but I have to say that I think Josh is the most handsome, incredible man on earth. I LOVE to see him run. He is fast and smooth and makes it look like a piece of cake. In other words- I think he's pretty smokin' hot. 
I was REALLY nervous about doing this race. I haven't done a race like this (or anything more than a 5k) EVER. In the end I ended up running just under 24 miles. I didn't have much of a climb- thank heavens! I averaged 8:30 pace (which was great for me.) I did 5 legs and LOVED 3 of them. The night runs were the best. 

(Right before my first leg- 5.5 mi. A bit nervous if ya can't tell.)

Our team (me, Josh, Lane & Jenny, Melissa & Kevin)!

(My smokin' hubby)

(The gorgeous scenery)

(The proud wife)

(We "slept" 1 hour in 40. OUCH!)

(The Grand Tetons- Kevin, Melissa, me)

(Josh finishing his 8th leg)

(Josh & Lane)

Kevin & Lane are the guys that Josh works for. They are the ones who hired Josh to be the race director for Brooks Endurance Events. They put on marathons, half marathons, & cycling events! They (and their wives) are incredible people and remarkably talented. It was really fun getting together and getting away as a company.

Josh and I are doing a half marathon next weekend (the 8th). Once again I'm terribly nervous for it but excited for the challenge. Josh's mom has been remarkably patient and selfless and has watched the kids each week for us so that we can go on a long run together. 
I LOVE running with Josh. I feel closer to him because of our long runs together. We spend that hour and a half talking about anything and everything. These runs have been our date nights and it has been so much fun getting away from the hum drum of our lives and to be together and do something productive and active and hard! 
(Sigh) Here is hoping that I can finish my first half marathon. 
*Oh, and our Ultra team ended up winning the entire thing--even over the 12 man teams. (That has everything to do with everyone else but me. I was the novice.)


The Red Crew said...

Holy Poop!! this looks insane. I can't even walk around the block these days and am so envious of your in-shapeness. AND I am soooo excited you guys are in utah and we need to get together as soon as possible. I think i heard you are in Lehi?? Eric said he got your number from Josh so I wanna set up a day to get together soon!

Jenna said...

Tyrel totaly wants to do this race. I saw him researching it recently. way to go!