Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Oaklie had her 1st birthday on the 10th of February. I can't believe that she is already 1 year old. I swear the more kids you have the faster each of their lives go by.

Here are some fun facts about Oaklie at age 1:

-She is now walking.
-She loves M&M's...just like her mama.
-She is mostly sleeping through the night (she still wakes up once some of the time).
-She is happy and content.
-She is a big mama's girl.
-She is very small for her age.
-She is the sweetest, most wonderful little girl on planet earth. 

Other recent random facts or events from our lives:

The boys are BIG into fort making. We have been doing lots of that and I love it. The mess drives me crazy but I'm learning to 'let go' and let them be kids.

I love being a mom. I love the boys and all the funny things that they do and they are constantly cracking me up. They fight like crazy right now and that drives me bonkers but they truly do make me so happy. And I love having a you already know. Oaklie really does make our family seem more complete (although not entirely complete yet).

I have been running a lot and am so grateful to be able to run. I think I mention that every post but running really is a huge blessing in my life. I love being able to go out and do something hard or clear my mind. It makes me grateful for all the blessings the Lord has given me and my family.

I still LOVE reading. I don't have near as much time as I used to to soak up a good book but I try to fit it in when I can.

Josh is still loving his job. He is a stud and the greatest man on earth.....I'm crazy about him.

I have been a homesick 18 year old lately. Christmas break was so much fun with my family that I just can't stand the fact that we don't live closer to them. Jessi and I dream about being neighbors some day...and it HAS to happen. We pray for it all the time. We love living close to Josh's family and have had such fun with them that I can't help but desperately wish that my family were here too.

I have been incredibly grateful for the wonderful parents that I have. Growing up I was close to them but I feel like I have really come to appreciate them in a whole different way over the past several years. I am so grateful that I have such great parents who are loving and selfless and kind. I hope that my children will love me as much as I love my parents. If so...I will have been successful.

I have become really close friends with a girl in my ward. She is amazing and like another sister. She has two boys that are Shaffer and Oaklie's age, so we love getting our kids together to do things. It just so happens that her husband and Josh get along great too, so as often as we can we do double dates! We try to find as many excuses to get together as possible.

I am incredibly frustrated with politics. I won't go into here but it's just a snap shot of my frustrations. Here is a fantastic talk that my dad sent me the other day. It sums up exactly how I feel and see things going.
It also has made me think a lot of what I need to do differently spiritually. I am incredibly imperfect and need to prioritize scripture study and prayers more. I make sure that I read and pray every day but my sincerity is sometimes not there like it should be. I'm working on that. I am incredibly grateful for the gospel and for the perspective and knowledge that it gives us in such uncertain times.

I got rid of Facebook...again! I had gotten rid of it a few times before but I actually completely deleted my account this time. Sometimes I miss it and I find myself wanting something to look at when I'm bored but it was the right decision for me. I already have Instagram and Pinterest and this blog...and that takes up enough time.

I know this is such a random post...but it's little tid-bits of my life that feel good to write about. These are all things that have been on my mind a lot or that are a big part of our lives right now. To wrap it up....I truly do feel so grateful for the gospel. It is my rock in a crazy world. I love life right now and feel grateful for the little blessings that the Lord gives us! Sometimes I wish I could freeze time with how well things are going and how sweet our little family is. Life is good!


Whitney said...

so are you guys stil in provo? love the cute m & m cake!

the Carroll clan said...

wow, that went fast. glad all is well! love stalking you on your blog.

Jenna said...

great post. i agree with your thoughts on loving mothering, loving running & the time to reflect while i run, & def have to kind of "ignore" politics so I don't get frustrated too :)
ps - love oakley's eyelashes