Thursday, January 10, 2013

I have nothing fancy to blog about (as always) but here are some random things we've been up to.

We have a park that is close to our house that, when it's not 3 degrees outside, we like to play at. 

Josh and I took the boys on a special outing about a month ago. We went to J Dawgs to get hotdogs for dinner and then we went to a BYU basketball game. We had a blast and it was fun to have some special one-on-one time with them. They loved the hotdogs but were just so-so about the game. They actually liked the half time show A LOT. There were guys jumping off trampolines and dunking the ball (I'm sure there's a name for it) and they were in a trance watching them.

Playing in our back yard. Can't wait for spring and summer to be able to utilize this space.

Oaklie is now 11 months old. Here are some fun things about her:
-She has 2 teeth
-She is happy and content
-She is starting to do well eating solid foods like sandwiches, granola bars, toast, etc...
-She is a huge mama's girl
-She, unfortunately, gets sick a lot (just like Shay)
-She has been on the verge of walking for months now but hasn't decided to make the plunge
-She loves to get into EVERYTHING. She is constantly opening up cabinets and drawers and pulling everything out (like glass baking dishes)
-She loves her brothers toys. She has started to "fight" over them. If one of the boys takes something from her, you will most definitely hear about it.
-She is sweet as a chocolate and the most wonderful thing on earth.
-She has Josh and me wrapped around her finger
-I cry almost every day (not literally) because I LOVE having a baby and just can't stand the thought of her and the boys growing up so fast
-She is a tiny little thing. She is only 17 pounds (which is less than my boys were at 4 months). However, even though she is small she still wears between 9-18 month old clothes. 
-She has a very special Spirit that I can feel when I'm around her. It started on the day she was born and any time I'm around her I feel closer to the Lord. 

BYU Basketball game

Just because this picture is entirely too sweet to not put up.

She loves to stick her tongue out. You will almost always find her that way.

We do Sunday dinners with Josh's family every week. It is fun to be there with everyone and we can't say enough how much we love being back in Utah living close to family. Now if only we could get my family to move here that would be perfect. 

I love to bake. I think I grew up with an appreciation and love for good food and it has stayed with me ever since. For as long as I can remember my dad and I have always had a special bond because we both love bread so much. I worked for him during one summer in high school and we would make a special stop at Albertson's to pick up a fresh loaf of french bread to eat on our way home (while talking about anything and everything).
The boys are really starting to find a love for it too and get excited any time that I decide to bake something. They love to pour and mix and then, of course, to eat! 

We have been dealing with a lot sickness. Shaffer is my child who gets sick the most often. We've been consistently sick every 2- 3 weeks.
Oaklie has the same type of immune system and almost always has a stuffy or runny nose or some type of bug. That means that she wakes up at night. It's only once or twice a night but she is 11 months and I'm very ready for her to be sleeping through the night.

Sad but I just couldn't resist because it was so cute. 

Oaklie and her cousin, William Constantine at church! 

Yep! Sick again!

My amazing sister and her family surprised everyone and decided to come to Oregon for Christmas. They hadn't planned on it but decided a few days before that they wanted to try and make it work. So they drove 13 hours in bad weather in order to spend Christmas with us. 
It was the best Christmas present ever.
I love and admire my sister more than anyone. Even though she is the younger one I look up to her in so many ways. She has an incredible spirit!

Oaklie was a trooper on our LOOOONG drive to and from Oregon. 

Like I mentioned, we went to Klamath for Christmas and had a blast. I didn't want to come home  because we were having so much fun being together.
My parents remodeled their kitchen, family room, laundry room and bathroom. It looks amazing and we had fun oogling over the beauty of it all. 
Plus they installed a double oven that we put to good use. My favorite thing from the whole trip was the night that we spent baking a million cookies and treats. I swear there is so much joy in cooking together as a family. 

My brother, Ty and his partner Alan were able to come and spend Christmas with us too. It was the first time in a long time that we have had that much time with them. I am always amazed at how good and kind my brother is...and that goes for Alan as well. 
My brother Brad and his wife Molly had their 2nd daughter (Leah) while we were there. Unfortunately I have zero pictures of them and hardly any from our trip there. It was great being able to meet Leah before we left. 
My youngest brother, Travis, is on a mission for our church in Canada. We were able to Skype with him and talk for an hour or so. It was so much fun to see his face and to hear about how he is doing. He is an incredible missionary and we are so proud of him.

We had fun sledding down my parents yard. It was fun to let my kids sled where I used to as a kid. It brought back good memories and it makes me grateful to be able to add to those memories with new memories of ours kids doing the same thing. 

Logan is getting so big. The last little while he has seemed so much more grown up to me. He will be going to preschool this fall and Kindergarten in 2014 (he will be almost 6 by then because he has a late birthday). Some days I am excited about it but other days I'm not in the least bit ready to enter that phase. I love having all my babies at home with me where I can see all the sweet things they do 24/7. 

The loooooong drive home. 

Shaffer and I went out for a mommy/son outing before Christmas. He loved all the Christmas lights, so he and I went out for donuts, hot chocolate and to see some Christmas lights (because all special events include good food). It was fun having some special time with him. I love this little boy.

Sometimes life looks like this. Kinda crazy but sweet!

I love this picture of Josh and Oaklie. This is such a typical thing to see with Josh- he is so sweet and involved. He is the perfect dad and husband!

This picture cracks me up because I think it depicts the real craziness of our life. We have the tongue-sticker-outer, the crotch grabber, and the belly show-er. Sometimes I only want to post the "best" pictures, when in reality this is much accurate of what my life looks like on a daily basis. 
I am grateful for these crazy kids. I know I always end on a sentimental note but I just can't help myself. 
The truth is, I really struggle to be a good mom and to find the good among the fighting, whining, and craziness of parenthood. BUT, I think it has to be that way because when we are desperate for answers we draw closer to God. I know that I have spent hours upon hours on my knees pleading for guidance and help as a mother and I have my children to thank for my love of the Lord. 

Speaking of craziness- my boys are fighting and whipping each other with their blankets. It's time to be done! 

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