Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Heart Attack!

In our church we have one night a week that is set apart for the family to get together called Family Home Evening- we have a gospel centered lesson, have an activity, and of course have a treat.
This week for our FHE we wrote on paper hearts something that we love about each member of the family and then hung taped them up on our kitchen cupboards. Logan even participated and drew all over a heart (...and the highchair). I always feel better the weeks we do FHE. There's something about gathering your family for a defined period of time that makes me so grateful for my hubby, my kids, the opportunity to be a mom, and for the gospel. I'm thankful for the church that promotes family togetherness.

(I got this idea from here. Shawni is amazing and I love her blog. Her and her mom wrote my favorite book, "A Mother's Book of Secrets"- they are incredible examples and so inspiring. )


Elder said...

Elder=Elder Constantine (aka Richard!), I thought I'd check out the Rohatinsky blog! I'll probably add on to Jessi's soon here...I'm diggin' the art Josh, good heart!

jamie t. said...

That is so cute! We made valentines "mail boxes" for FHE where we can leave each other love mail up until valentines day. Then we get to open up our mailboxes and read our notes.

The Hadley Family said...

What a fun FHE. I was looking through some old stuff and came across a paper heart wreath that had all of our names intertwined in it in red, white and pink. It brought back sweet memories. We didn't always have FHE but when we did we always had fun together.