Saturday, February 20, 2010

Wedding Dress Shopping

My mom, the boys and I took a quick trip to Utah so we could help Jessica look for wedding stuff. She goes to school at BYU-I, but she came down to Provo so that Josh's mom could watch the boys while we went out shopping. Sylvia was a lifesaver and watched Logan for practically 3 whole days. I questioned how much Logan really loved me after their days together. He didn't even look at me until we were out of their driveway on our way back home. I'm so grateful they were able to have so much fun. (Thank you, thank you, thank you, Mama Sylvia!)
We were able to find Jessica an AMAZING wedding dress that she looks absolutely gorgeous in. Richard is one lucky man! I have pictures but I don't want to spoil the surprise, so you'll have to wait until April 13th!
Logan did pretty well on the plane ride to Utah, but on the way back it was a wrestling match the whole 2 hours. As you can see here he wasn't too thrilled. Some guy taught him how to "bust knuckles" (bump fists, rock, however you want to say it) on the way to Utah and so we've had fun encouraging him to keep it up. He also has learned how to say nose, and he knows full well where it is on his face. It comes out more like "no" but he's close. Occassionally he makes the "S" sound but not often. I think it's adorable, and I think I ask him 145 times a day where his nose is just so I can see him point to it and to hear his new little word. Now I just need to work on all the other main parts.

He gives this squinty cheeser face now for pictures ( you can see) and it's so cute? Or funny? Or wierd? I'm not sure which word to pick...maybe all of the above.


Jaime said...

Loving Logan's Zoolander face!! ahaha!
ANd I can not wait to see Jessi in her dress! She could wear a dress made out of toilet paper and trash bags and still be stuningly beautiful.

Jenny said...

You and Jessi looks like twins! And your boys are adorable, as always :) How fun that you got to go to the beach with no babies - I'm jealous.