Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Rain rain go away!

Does anyone else have a bad case of cabin fever? This bad weather is killing me. I am seriously contemplating moving to San Diego where I pay $8 for a pound of beef just so I can enjoy the sunshine more.
Despite the bad weather, here are few pictures of my little sunshines! These little faces definitely brighten up my day.

Who doesn't love a picture of daddy & son snuggling?

Shaffer spits up like no other child I have ever known. We are actually in the process of trying to figure out a different formula or something because he spits up 20 times a day (literally)! Logan even imitates me by getting a rag and rubbing it on the carpet.

What else do you do on the 7th rainy day in a row but watch Backyardigans in a warm basket of laundry? He's got his favorite blankets, a nice thumb to suck on- life is gooood!

My sister-in-law Kim got Shaffer this hat for Christmas and we are pretty infatuated with it. If I could I would have him wear it in his sleep. Is this not the cutest hat for the cutest boy?


Chad and Bethany said...

I can totally relate to the cabin fever thing. It is snowing here, on spring break! So ready for it to be over :) Cute pictures by the way...

Hannah said...

the boys are so cute! I love those spanky hats too, Brady has like 20 of them. lol!