Tuesday, May 29, 2012

More randomness...

Here are some more updated pictures of what we've been up to. As usual it's nothing special, just our day-to-day doings/goings but it's fun to share these pictures (no matter how terrible of photographer I am).
I was horribly sick the other week and felt like I might die but Josh had to stay at work and couldn't come home to help, so the kids and I watched shows ALL day long. It was awful and miserable. Thankfully it only lasted 24 hours and thankfully little Oaklie took a good nap with me- this is her being terribly adorable. 

Logan fell asleep in Oaklie's crib. It was funny to see his big body in that little crib. You can't really see that here....but it brought back good memories of him being so little and sleeping in there. 

Logan and Shaffer LOVE to bring down blankets in the morning and then lay them on the floor and get "so nice and comfy"! They make sure that Oaklie is taken care of too and that she is plenty warm.

This is how we function most of the day. Oaklie naps okay but she always does best in my arms...and sometimes I just can't help but want to hold her and soak up her newness while she sleeps. 

We went to the Littleton Historical Museum the other day and the boys loved it. There were a few farm animals that they could look at and then there were plenty of rocks, sticks and dirt that they loved throwing. 

The boys were looking at the little piglets and were so excited to see them! 

Me & the kiddos! (I can't believe I have 3!! Check out Oaklie's stare!)

I love naked babies! There is nothing that is more adorable than their soft skin and their rolls. Oaklie certainly is not a chunky thing but she's putting on some weight. She still seems really small to me but I know she's growing. 
Shaffer and Logan both had physicals recently and they are both tall and skinny. Shaffer is especially skinny. Shay was nearly 30 lbs, and Logan was 34 lbs. We get asked if they are twins ALL THE TIME, which makes sense because they do look so close in size. 

This is how we've been running lately! We break it up and I go on my own on the treadmill a few times a week and then the other days we take everyone out and run 3-4 1/2 miles with them. Oaklie is starting to do better but still isn't crazy about running. The boys love it. I am exhausted and feel like it is all I can do to put one foot in front of the other. I am constantly exhausted and frankly hate working out right now. I love being together as a family and being outside but running is miserable and I don't know how to shake it. When I'm on the treadmill I find myself running with my eyes closed, hanging on to the bar and barely managing to keep going. Oaklie used to sleep well but isn't doing as great now and my only time to work out is during the kids naptime, so instead of resting I have to workout. This is not a positive exercise post...I'm grateful to be able to do it and I know I have to keep at it but I would love to quit and stop for few months until I can get more rest...and a gym pass. 

Check out that cute smile. It melts my heart every single time. I am so grateful for her smiles because when I am in a bad mood they remind to me to snap out of it and cherish the small and simple things. 

This was after one of our exhausting runs. We took the boys over to the splash pad near our house and let them play after we were done. It felt nice to have the cold water after our run. 

Josh trying to pump up the boys to get them run through the water. They did it but didn't like it. They love to be there and they love the water but they don't like to run through it! 

Oaklie was a happy girl once she was out of the stroller and we were holding her. She is such a cutie pie. 

All-in-all life is good. I love having 3 kids & am often overflowing with joy and gratitude because/for them. Life is challenging but it draws me closer to my Savior and Father in Heaven and reminds me to put my focus on Them and give Them my heart. We have gone through so many challenges and changes over the past 3-4 years and are still in the middle of some of them (not being able to sell our house for one) but I cannot imagine having to have gone through these things without the Savior and without prayer. Josh and I have spent countless hours on our knees praying for guidance and direction and we could not have made it through were it not for our Savior, Jesus Christ and for His gospel. 

I get to go home in a few weeks and then we head to Utah for another week. I am so excited to see our families again. I love Colorado but I desperately miss my family. Jessi and I have talked about living in the same town...which is only a dream..but I find myself getting desperate for it. I would die to live close to her. 


EmmaJ said...

Such a cute family! I am so impressed with your determination to keep exercising. You are my role model.

The Constantines said...

I ADORE all of these pictures! You look like a babe in the seventh one! Keep 'em comin til we're next door ;) xoxo

Jenna said...

i love bare baby skin too. glad for the warmer weather so I can have just a diapered babe & linger a while before putting the clothes on :) enjoy your travels!