Thursday, June 07, 2012

It's 11 pm.
I should be in bed.
I just got done running and need to shower and get some sleep before baby girl wakes up (routinely at 1 am, 4 am and then almost every 15 minutes after that until 6). 
However, I was looking at these pictures and had another one of those moments where a wave of gratitude sweeps over you like a tidal wave.
These kids are my life. They are what help give me meaning and purpose. 
I love that right now I am their everything...that won't always be the case.
I love and am so grateful that I get to stay home with them and witness everything- the good and the bad (...but if I had to choose I'd rather it be all good).
I love my kids. 
I love Josh, who is the most amazing husband and dad in the world! He makes life happy...and manageable. 

All the kids mesmerized by the itouch. (Actually Oaklie had just rolled over and was looking, but I thought it was the perfect shot to make it look like she was interested.)

Oaklie has mastered rolling over. Stomach to back, back to stomach. She holds her head up really well and is such a strong little girl.

This was a teddy bear (named Pinky) that I had when I was a baby/little girl. I don't remember playing with it a whole lot but I always knew it was special. There is that sentimental part of me that can't help but hope that it can be special to Oaklie as well. (PS. This picture makes her look so much bigger than she really is.)

Check out those smiles.

Shaffer Shaffer! I honestly hope that this child survives. He is incredibly adorable and wonderful, but he is so accident prone that it scares me. 
Yesterday we were at Crazy 8 and (to make a long story short) he ended up running smack-dab into the corner of the cashier desk. He immediately started crying and then within a few seconds started to wobble and go down. I instantly started to panic as I saw his eyes roll to the back of his head,and to see him lose consciousness and fall to the floor. The cashier called 911, I ran to get the mall cop (I hind sight I should have stayed...duh!). A deputy and a couple of ambulances ended up coming. 
I knew, by the time they got there, that he was going to be okay but they had to come because we had made the call and they had to make sure he was okay.
Thank heavens he really did check out alright. He was clingy for the next several hours which was great because I wanted nothing more than to hold him and love on him for the rest of the day! 

Logan and his two favorite things- blue blankie and "Sprinkles", his cat. We bought that cat for him when he was really little and it sat in the closet from then until about 2 or 3 weeks ago and now he carries it with him everywhere.

More cuteness.

O & daddy right after he got home from work. 

All the kids & daddy! The boys immediately jump on him and are ready to rough-house.

Out for a walk! Colorado has the most amazing weather- every day is sunny and wonderful! 

Oaklie has only recently started to suck her thumb. she doesn't have it down really well but she keeps trying. We'll see if she ends up being a thumb-sucker like Logan.

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