Friday, November 30, 2012

Blogging Slacker

All of these pictures are out of order but I'm just rollin' with it because, as always, I lack the time to do much with our blog. I was just on my blog today to check on some friends blogs and noticed I haven't done anything since September. I guess that's what happens when you have Facebook and Instagram. My life gets updated through those instead of the blog. 
Here is our life through pictures/Instagram:

Logan is really into pirates and ninjas. Sometimes he's a ninjate! 

Cutie cheeser Logan has so much personality. He is learning a lot and is starting to write his letters. I'm not super good at doing a whole lot of school stuff with the kids but I've been trying to be better lately and it's amazing how much they soak up. 

Oaklie has a fetish with our dishwasher. If she hears it open she comes crawling at full speed to get in it. 

Oaklie is almost 10 months old now and I can't stop her from growing up. I can't say how much I LOVE having a baby. There are times where my happiness is overwhelming and I sit back in awe and thank Heavenly Father for these children that he has given me...and cry tears of gratitude. If I can love these kids as much as I do, I can only imagine how much Heavenly Father loves each of us.

We took a trip to St. George with my family back in October. We had a BLAST! We swam, ate, went to plays, swam, ate, played games, talked, ran, hiked, etc....It was fantastic (and a HUGE thanks to my generous and amazing parents)!

We took some family pictures because up until that point we didn't have any family pictures since having had Oaklie.

Oaklie was horribly sick while in St. George. Her fever was almost 105 and I was really scared. I held her for almost two days straight (literally) and instead of being squirmy and happy she was calm and lethargic. I hate having her sick...but truthfully I loved the snuggling.

The boys and I have a little tradition (?) with getting donuts. I don't know how it started and there's no exact time when we do it but every once in a while when I feel like spoiling my boys and showing them I love them we will go get donuts. Also, whenever Shaffer has a dental apt we head out for donuts after. His appointments are quite the sight- he flips out and I can hardly get him in the car when it's time to go. 

Halloween was fun. I didn't get a good picture of the boys in their costumes because they were too excited about their candy. They had SO much fun and it was adorable to walk around with them and see them so happy. Josh and I were beaming with pride and oozing with love. 

Swimming at the Lehi Rec. Center. The boys love it. I hate it but it's worth it to make them happy..and it gets us out of the house.

Mr. Shaffer turned 3 years old on October 18th. I can't believe he is already 3. He is a really sweet little boy. Shaffer is quite emotional, accident prone, stubborn and dramatic which makes parenting him interesting, but along with all that is a super tender, soft-hearted little boy who makes my heart melt. He has been really big into telling me "I just love you SO much!" and every time he says it my heart leaps and I walk away on cloud 9. 

Had a really spiritual experience with some friends at a nearby church sight. Christ lives!

My two 3 year-olds! Man they are handsome.

Out for a walk with the kiddos. We like to go to the "track" which is actually an empty cemetery. Sounds creepy, I know, but it gets their wiggles out. 

Could she get any cuter? Babies rule and make earth feel like heaven.

Josh and I ran another half marathon. It was the Halloween Half down the Provo Canyon. We ran a 1:40:14 and I felt like death. I felt great the first 9 miles and then hit the wall with 4 to go. I was really stubborn and didn't want to slow down (plus the pacers for 1:40:00 were right in front of me and I wanted to keep up with them for some stupid reason). I was expecting it to be really downhill and it wasn't, plus to add on mileage we turned around and ran up the canyon for a mile. I'm not good with hills so it killed me. 
I love running and have been enjoying it a lot this year. Running reminds me about the miracles of the body and it makes me grateful for the freedoms that good health brings. I love being outside and running with my favorite person on earth- Josh. He is an incredible husband and makes me feel like a million bucks.

Who doesn't love a sleeping baby? Who?

Shaffer's new teeth. You might remember that he got them knocked out several months ago and we got a pediatric partial made. I thought they looked really cute and was happy with the finished product. Unfortunately they fell out 2 weeks later. We got them re-cemented and they came out 2 days after that. I'm not sure what we're going to do. Going to the dentist is extremely terrifying for Shaffer so I don't know how much I want to put him through it. I want them because I think they look good but if they keep coming out it just isn't worth the trauma.

We sold the Civic in order to get something with a little more space for Josh. We did lots of car shopping with the kids which was....great. :/ We finally bought a '04 Honda Element. We got it for as much as we sold the Civic for, which was our goal. No car debt! 

Bowling with daddy. Seriously love this man. 

Logan turned 4 on Nov. 6th! The years are flying by with this little guy. There are times where it catches me off guard how grown up he is. 
Logan is super social, sweet, a big helper but has also developed a sassy attitude lately. He will glare at me and pretend to throw fire balls (like Bowser off of Mario Brothers) at me when he is really mad. Haha. I need to remember to ease up on him and not demand so much from this little guy. I'm definitely learning as we go. Hopefully he won't hate me when he's older.

Shaffer has a thing with praying at the "track". Don't know why but I'm certainly not going to stop him. He can pray any time he feels like it. Just keep that up forever buddy. 

Playing in the fall leaves. 

Logan's first primary program.   

Shaffer was really sick a few weeks ago so we stayed home from Sunday dinner at Josh's parents house and made rolls and cookies. It was so much fun having some one-on-one time with him. I love those moments and when I can slow down and really focus on them individually. That's one tough thing about having 3 kids so close together (and none in school) is that there isn't much time for one-on-one with them. On the other hand it is really fun for them to have siblings to play with. 

Ninjate (pirate + ninja) Logan.

These are some of our family pics from back in October. We went up Snow Canyon in St. George and took a million pictures. Thankfully my sister and dad have sweet  cameras and much more talent than me. 

All the Mortenson grandkids. Jessi and Rich have little Will (in the orange sweater). Brad and Molly have Saige (in the black Hello Kitty shirt)! 

Josh, Jessi and I went for a long run down Snow Canyon while we were in St. George. It was fun to run that long with my sister too. We got poured on (and I mean poured) but that only added to the fun of it. 

Look at those chunky legs!! 

A comfy walk home after church!

The cute Rohat bunch

Crazy, nakey mornings. PS. We have recently potty trained Shaffer. He has been doing great. I love having only 1 child in diapers.

Josh had his first race as Race Director for Brooks Endurance Events. It was back in September and it was a full and a half marathon. It went really smoothly and we got a lot of positive feedback. Josh was incredibly busy the month before and several weeks after. We hardly saw him for a month or more. 
I was able to help set up the race and see Josh in action. There is something fun about seeing your hubby work. I don't know how to explain it but I was pretty dang proud of him. 
Josh's mom, brother and our sister-in-law all ran the half. And one of Josh's buddies from high school ran his first marathon and did great too. 

That's quite the update. If you read the whole thing I'll be impressed. At least you can see pictures of what we've been up to! 

The End. 


The Bell Family said...

Yay!!! I'm so glad you finally updated your blog!! Let's get together soon!

Jenny said...

Oh man, your kids are to-die-for adorable, Jena! And you look amazing, as always! Glad you guys are doing good!

jamie t. said...

I love blog updates. I remember when your boys were tiny. All of your kids are growing so fast and getting cuter and cuter. Not to sound silly, but I want you to know how amazing I think you are. You have such a wonderful perspective on motherhood and life. I wish we lived closer so we wouldn't just have to be "blog" friends. :)

mamasylvia said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!! Even though we finally have you close again (YAY!!!) I never get tired of seeing these sweet faces:D

Radfords said...

Loved the whole post! Every picture is adorable!!

~Fawn said...

the only problem with blog is that I can't LIKE every last one of those adorable pictures of your kids!!! They're gorgeous! Just like their folks....and I bet they're great people too-just like their folks!
Love seeing your family, and how much fun you're having being a Mom. I wish I had had a blog when I was raising my older kids-then I could look back at pictures and notes from my younger Mom self and see how fun they were.
right now-they're teenagers, and are giving me a "run for my money" type of time
But I love them!
Hey, maybe someday Jeff and I can run a marathon with ya?!
wouldn't that be grand!!
God bless you all in 2013!!
The Hoagie clan

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